Superior fine food is our expertise

 Since its foundation in 2007, Ocean Star is committed to provide its clients with high quality fine food and sea products. In order to answer our customer's requirements and make our impact in this highly competitive industry we import from more than 20 countries around the world. In addition we keep up to date with all the new trends and culinary innovations to present our clients, mostly in the restaurant niche, with new tastes and products.

Quality with a personal touch

Ocean Star works with leading suppliers all over the world in search for nothing less than the best quality products.

When looking for that extra quality and personal touch Ocean Star is the best place to start. We source only the best suppliers and manufacturers as well as fishermen in the field of aquaculture and fish factories around the globe.  Our passion has always been finding genuine products and never compromise on the issue of quality.  In order to make sure our clients enjoy supreme seafood we visit the sites and examine the products ourselves.

We take pride in the way we introduce our clients regarding the importance of quality and sustainable options when it comes to seafood such as Caviar or Salmon. Our network of suppliers is scattered throughout the world from America to Europe and the Far East. Our quality control staff makes all the efforts to ensure the quality of our products before they leave the factory.

A range of fine food under one roof

Our range of products has been expended since we became representatives of McCain Foods Limited, the world largest producer of French Fries and Potato Specialties.

Whether it is Caviar, Black Cod from Alaska or Salmon from Norway - our passion for the finest fish is the essence of our business.

Ocean Star is your best source for high quality and genuine seafood.  

The face behind the company

Guy Amran, a professional with more than 20 years experience and knowledge in the field of retail and food commerce is the owner and founder of Ocean Star.

Ocean Star

Amran’s experience in the fish and food industry includes –

  •   Import/ export of sea food
  •   Founder and manager of fish factories
  •  Founder of  state of the art frozen and fresh fish departments within a leading brand of supermarkets
  •   Professional counseling to chefs and leading restaurants and factories
  •  Leader of trends effecting seafood consumption